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This is a very debatable topic. And we have strong views both for and against. But I would like to support this very famous saying. Well, I think agreeing or not agreeing on this topic completely depends on the fact that what actually are the best things in life for you?
For me, they are love, friendship, trust, happiness, and knowledge. Your thoughts. A thinking mind. A beautiful heart, and natural beauty around you. The ability to love someone, the ability to make them feel special. It is one of the best things in the person making you feel so, also, the one feeling so. All these are free. Now if we insist on saying “We need to go to somebody and give them a rose to show love” or “We spend money on friendship bands” it basically will not make sense. We do not need to give a rose on Valentine’s Day or a friendship band on friendship day to prove your love and care for someone. It is enough to make them feel so. And that does not cost you any money.
If someone can trust you, there is nothing like it. And for that, you do not need money. We cannot buy trust. If somebody trusts you, and tells you something, it is because they feel you are trustable. It is because they have faith in you. That will not cost YOU anything. Happiness. It is free, if you see it from the simplest POV (Point of View). If you take happiness for free, then it is. A smile on the face of your loved ones, a smell of your old books, all this can give you happiness. If you are calm. if you know how to enjoy life, then happiness comes for free! Living life has its own pleasing sense of happiness!
Knowledge is free. Education, tests, assignnments, studying in school is not. But knowledge is not mugging up chapters. Knowledge is what you acquire from your own experience. If you seek knowledge, if you are eager to know then you do not have to pay the price. Admission in the university of life is completely free. Every single person you meet has something to teach you. Every single thing which happens to you has something unique! Acquiring that, taking that in, learning something new is not costly. Experience does not cost you anything!
Most importantly, our experiences, life’s lessons, luck, and our LIFE all comes to us for free. God does not take anything from you to give you a life. And every break in life has something new for you to explore, and your chances to explore are free. Natural beauty around us, a beautiful mind, beautiful thoughts, beauty of one’s inner self is not costly. It does not ask you for a price.
I feel that only two things, which for me are two of the best things in life, comes for a price. That is, success and respect. We cannot get respect from others for free. We need to earn it. We need to give others respect in order to earn it. Success does not come for free either. We need to work hard to achieve it. It takes our hardwork, our dedication, our sincerity for success to come our way. But still, apart from these things, I think all other of the things to cherish in life for are free. It is just that we are too much after the mediocre things in life, that we forget to enjoy the freedom.



I have never wrote about any social issue before, but what happened in Pakistan a day back made me write this.
I have never ever felt this badly about any terrorist attack anywhere. But on 16th December, I was surfing through Twitter, when I noticed some tweets about the Peshawar Attack. I tried to find out what happened! And then I got to know more than 120 school students and children have been murdered by the Talibans. They went inside schools, and terrorised. They killed some many innocent kids! Is this bearable!
It is said the Earth is our Mother, and we are all born of her. Do a mother hurt her children so much? What harm did the kids do? Half of them must have not even known anything about such cruel gruesome animals living in the same world as them! What is the point of killing so many children? Were they not children once? Do they don’t have children? Even if they don’t, God has sent them with flesh blood and a heart! Not to take away others..
Why is our filled with such people who have no humanity left in them! There have been years of conflict between India and Pakistan, but today, it is not about India and Pakistan, but about one country and one religion = The Earth and Humanity.
We are so lucky to not be a part of this! But millions like us have been victims of not only Peshawar but so many other such attacks. What entertainment is there in seeing other people in pain! That too innocent people and kids who have no power to harm anyone now! Do Allah teach them this? No religion can support terrorism. No teaching in the world is greater than general human qualities in such animals in the skin of humans.
The World is not a safe place anymore! Even kids are not safe! It is said that if you do not harm others, you cannot be harmed yourself. Then why, why did all this happen! If innocent people can be punished this way, then such gruesome terrorists should not be allowed to live in this world! Even death is a very minor punishment for such people. No justification in the World can justify being wrong. What is wrong is wrong.
I pray for the families who lost their children due to no fault of theirs, or their childrens. May God give them strength.

SS- Arjuna Ali Part 3

Part 2

“Men..they think they can get anything they want. And women is one thing which tops their desired objects. But I am sorry. I don’t want you by my side.” Arjuna felt a shriek of lightning. Why on Earth was Ali refusing him? Is it men she dislikes, or is it him in particular? There was something hidden in this maiden’s words which he could sense. “What is the reason for this hatred?” Dhananjaya asked her. She merely smiled. “Prince, you are definitely one of the greatest warriors. But I suggest you stay away from me. You are the reason, of someone else being deprived of his rights. Somebody you know. So do not expect me to accept you.”
Arjun closed his eyes to think of every woman he has come across, and won. The most beautiful woman of Aryavarta, Panchaal Kanya Krishnaa had garlanded him, as he won her in the Swayamvar. Nagkanya Uloopi, had been mesmerized by his charm, and attacked him, and made him break his celibacy. Manipur Rajkumaari Chitrangada, who was the most difficult to please, also agreed to give her hand in marriage to none other than Arjuna. Ali, for once seemed the most beautiful woman to be with, and Arjuna was desperate to touch her, and be with her, and he failed to please her! Only one way was left now. Abduct her.
Arjuna came closer for one last time, trying to warn her. “Ali.. I will not give up on you. Break my ignorance about your hatred, or come to me…” he whispered. To his reply, Ali laughed. What a beautiful laugh she had. It sounded like music to Arjuna’s ears, but the music pierced his pride too. “Coward! You will abduct me? Fight me before that.” She said. Her voice echoed in the starry night.
“And I hope this time nobody will help you by taking my thumb away from me. I use a sword, and even if I would hold the bow..”
“Thumb?” This word reminded Arjuna of something which happened to him in his childhood. The one incident which gave him nightmares even today.
“Eklavya.” Arjuna whispered in his breath, to his ignorance. “I am glad you recalled the name.” Ali broke his chain of thoughts. “Since you insist, Prince Arjuna, let me tell you who I am. I am Ali, the only daughter of the Nishada King. Ekalavya is my elder brother.” Arjuna was speechless for a moment. She is the leader of her tribal kingdom. Was Ekalavya not allowed to be his father’s successor because he lost his thumb, and could no longer practice archery? “I know what you are thinking.” Ali said. “My brother was devoted to archery since childhood. As a Nishad, he learnt javelin too. But his mind was in the bow and arrow. And, you took away that from him!” Ali said. Her sharp words sounded like anger speaking for itself in the silent night. “I did not..” Arjuna tried to speak. But Ali was not ready to listen. “It is because of you he is not the same person anymore! It is because of you he still weeps alone! It is because of you, he lost everything! Your teacher was insecure about your talent!” Ali pressed her ring finger onto Arjun’s chest, and looked straight into his hazel eyes. Arjun looked back. Ali too had hazel eyes. Her eyelashes shone in the darkness, making her hazel eyes stand out. Her long smooth hair brushed passed Arjun’s bare arms and chest again and again. Ali moved away at once. “You will not get me. It is not as easy as striking a target.” she said.
“I did not want your brother to lose anything. I still carry the burden of guilt in my shoulders. I want to take care of you, to make the burden lighter. I, I can meet Ekalavya. I swear on Earth’s name I could not forgive my feeling of..relief…” his last words drowned in his breath. There was a waterfall nearby. The sound of the fresh and cool water dashing against the stones made the silence of the night sharper. “Please let me..I promise to handle you with utmost care..I will not displease you. Let me touch you…” Arjun tried to touch Ali’s arm. He caught her fingers. Her sharp nails pierced Arjun’s skin. Ali pressed her fingers against his fingers. It seemed as though beauty in the form of mistrust stood in front of Sabyasachi’s eyes. She refused the touch of Phalguni’s arms, she refused the warmth of Jishnu’s love. But Dhananjaya had not learn the technique of giving up. His desperate mind could not let go of her… never…

SS: Arjun – Ali – Part 1

Part 1

Every passing second felt like an hour to Dhananjaya. His heart beated, and beated. “Is she not inside then?” he asked himself. “But where would she go?” he thought again. Ever since he saw her, he had been patiently waiting outside her hut. Dhananjaya finally lost his patience, and decided to peep in from the window. The window was half open, and the inside of the cottage was dark. Her horse stood outside the hut, calm and quiet. Parth stood up, and gently walked up to the hut window. The ground was cold and wet, and it was the season of retreating monsoons. He lay his rough fingers on the window pane, and slowly looked into it.
The warrior princess stood inside the dark room, the moonlight showed the curves in her body clearly. Her hair was in front, and thus, it did not cover her naked back. Her body swayed, as she bent down to pick up her clothes. But her eyes were sharp. She was a warrior after all. She had the eyes of a leader, a mind to understand an approaching enemy. Even the sound of Dhananjaya’s breathe made her aware that somebody was looking at her. She did not look back. Partha watched her patiently, lost in the tenderness of her body, when she sprang back. Her body was now covered with her cloth, and she sprang towards the window at the back of her with a sword. “Come infront..” she whispered. Arjuna smirked to himself. In a fierce state, this girl looked more beautiful.
“Come here…” she whispered again. “Or are you afraid of warrior princess Ali?” was her next words, and for the first time, Arjuna saw her smiling. Never had he left such attraction even towards the most beautiful women of Aryavart, Princess Panchaali. “You have already defeated me by your looks, my lady, and I am afraid, you will do that again.” Arjuna whispered, and opened the window. The moonlight flashed on Arjuna’s face, making him visible in front of Ali. “Who are you?” she asked. “Why were you peeping from the window? What do you want?”
“You..” Arjuna replied, trying to catch hold of her hand, when she slipped into the darkness. He moved forward. “Who are you?” Ali asked again. Arjuna felt as though she was moving away from him, and he would not let that happen. “Don’t go.. ” Arjuna said, and grabbed at her in the air. He could understand her footsteps in the darkness, because of his unique skills. “Don’t try to put me into trouble, Prince. Tell me who you are.” Arjuna understood he had no choice but to speak.
“I am Pandava Prince, Arjuna. I am in my years of exile right now.”
Ali’s eyebrows moved on hearing the name. “Speak again?” she said. “I am Arjuna. The Third of the Pandavas.” She had a frown in her face. “Arjuna..” she sighed. “I have heard about you from many. Including my elder brother.” Ali said. “I haven’t heard of you from any, and I wish to hear only from your tender lips. Come closer…” Arjuna whispered, but she slipped away again.
“I cannot let you touch me.” Ali said, this time louder. She threw her sword away, and came out of the hut to her horse. She stood next to it, playing with her white hair. A lighting flashed through Arjuna’s mind the moment Ali said those words. He followed her outside, and turned Ali towards him. “Why lady? I can fight the most dangerous wars, and pass the bravest tasks for you. I will do whatever you say.”
Ali laughed, as she freed herself from Arjun’s arms. “It is not so easy, to be near me Phalgun.” she said, and laughed again. “I can do, anything, anything for you.” he said. Arjuna could not believe that a girl could refuse to be near him, until he met Ali.
“Tests. Pass tests. You are very good at it. I do know. But, you have failed in my test, long back. Move away.” Ali said. A fire went down through Dhananjaya’s spine. He never had to ask a lady twice to be with him. But, he had never been so attracted towards a lady either. At that moment, all he wanted as to touch her. Love her. Arjuna caught hold of Ali’s arm once more, and pulled her near. He touched her soft face, with his rough fingers, looking deep into her fierce eyes

Short Story – Arjuna and Ali


Introduction and Prologue


Hello everyone. This is a story based on a legend from Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik about Pandava Prince Arjuna and Warrior Princess Ali. Here is the link to the story ->–beautiful-of-indra-prastha/93875 (Scroll down to find out about the legend) The story is basically Arjuna being attracted to a warrior princess called Ali. He became desperate to marry her while Ali was reluctant. She rejected him. Arjuna was completely desperate so he asked help from Krishna. He changed Arjuna into a snake, and he crawled into Ali’s bed at night, and forced her to marry him. Some say, that because Arjuna managed to spend the night with her, he made Ali marry him by threatening her. This is known as Paisach Vivaha, condemned by the Puranas.


Arjuna sat under a huge tree, completely lost in thoughts. He could not stop thinking of her. She was as beautiful as the stars, with perfect curves in her slender body, her waist length hair was dark and looked like clouds in a clean starry night. Her eyes were as beautiful as petals of a flower. She was dark, but her glory was as bright as the sun. She rode a white horse, and her tender fingers kept on rubbing against the golden hairs at the back of her horse. Dhananjaya had never felt so attracted towards a woman, leaving aside his wives. The moonlight was cool, shining on the path in which she came, and left. Arjuna followed her, desperate in making conversation. She did not live in an elegant palace, but in a hut. Arjuna rested under a tree near her hut, waiting for her to come out. He wanted the girl in his life. Who was she? Till now, Arjuna had won over every lady he was charmed by. This was my yet again chance to be successful, he said, confident about himself. The clear sky let the stars shine brightly. And in the heart of Sabyasachi, her smile shone like the stars.

for near a tree, waiting for her to come out. She

An Interesting Psychology Test

This is a very interesting test I discovered. And what is more important, is that it is very very effective. If you are feeling depressed, sad, angry or terrified, or even lazy, this test is perfect for you. It will clear your negative mind.
A very simple test this is.
Open Google, and search with whatever comes to your mind. (Images). It can be anything from computers to chocolates. It can be any human being too! Even the name of any person you remember.
Save the pictures you like, 2-3 on each thing you search.
Then arrange the pictures, (in any collage app, like PhotoScape, Photoshop or Gimp. Online ones like or even a simple Mobile Collage will do.)
After you arrange the pictures, try to form a story with it. For example, this is what you have –
Aamir Khan, Firecrakers, Shoes, Madman, Idiots, Gluestick, your best friend, your enemy.
Every single thing can mean something, leading to one of the most strangest story. Write down your story.
By then, you will have your mental state on paper and then, you can crush, flush, chew or even publish your story! What will help is that your mind will be refreshed!
Please try this test if ever needed, and do let me know your results.

A fallen leaf from my mind..

Sometimes, thinking another person you know is sinless is the actual misunderstanding. A person who knows you will also understand if you have done something wrong. One who does not have the capability to understand that is the one who is “mis” understanding.

Is Draupadi a romantic heroine after all?

Draupadi is one of the most discussed, controversial and mysterious characters of Mahabharata. One of the biggest controversies regarding Draupadi is her marriage life, polyandry and relationships. But the question arises, how are we digging deep into her relationships with the Pandava brothers (in other cases, Karna too) without sufficient information? Panchaali, the most important female character of Mahabharata is not a romantic heroine! Draupadi’s character is not much about the love ailment, but about the power and revenge. This fact does not mean Draupadi is a bad character. She is one of the most beautiful characters ever told about.
But does her character talk of her feelings towards her husbands or revenge? Draupadi was born from fire, because of a Yajna performed by Drupada. Kind Drupada seeked for a daughter who would act as a catalyst towards the destruction of the Kurus. Her marriage with the five Pandava brothers only was a step towards this attempt. Draupadi’s character is mysterious – on one side, very fortunate, and on the other side, extremely unfortunate. Her life has very few moments of happiness. Draupadi shows us the power of will, and teaches us that revenge is not always better, but neither is forgiveness, we should know them both. She was a powerful woman with a personality. Then, how come questions come regarding who she loved most, or whether she had romantic feelings for any?
Panchaali’s character is not soft spoken, neither soft hearted. Neither is she helpless, or without power. So, no point of any dependance on any husband.
Another point of controversy regarding Panchaali is, that

Draupadi loved Arjuna the most among her husbands.

This fact has been dealt with in many perspectives. During Swarg Yatra, Yudhishthir gave this as a reason for Panchaali’s downfall in the way. But no confirmation from the heroine was received. Yudhishthir’s way of looking at things and Draupadi’s way were completely different. This was a known fact. Yudhishthir said those words, but that does not mean they were facts. It were his way of looking at it. But this point is not really true for me.
How does Draupadi justify this point? She seeked only respect and never did she speak of love. Every character has good and bad traits. Draupadi was no exception. She seeked what she deserved. She wanted revenge, for what had been done to her. From which angle of her character is the above fact justified? No citation, shloka or line from the original text shows partiality towards Arjuna, or any other of her husbands. She infact, was extremely displeased with all of her husbands throughout her life. Her husbands could not support her in any incident where she needed it. Bheem surpasses this to a certain extent though. The fact that Bheem had the strongest feelings of care for Panchaali is justified. The fact that a princess may feel a certain goodness about whoever wins the hand of her in her Swayamvar, and proves to be an ideal husband (according to the Dwapar Yug) for the maiden is true. But the fact does not prove that they are lovers forever and the girl will be devoted to him. So, feelings of Draupadi towards Arjuna is stronger than that of any other is a baseless topic actually. Any woman would feel dejected if her husband brings home another wife. It does not prove Draupadi’s feelings to be stronger. Subahdra’s incident was important in the political way and involved Krishna, and thus is described in the text, along with Draupadi’s reaction. But, just because it is not mentioned, and the wives of her other husbands were not brought home, it does not mean she only felt that way for Arjuna’s wives.
This post is actually for Panchaali. She was not partial. In what justification can we say she loved Arjuna more? There was not nay scope for any romance or any deep special feeling for anybody. Panchaali knew her aim in life, and followed it. She seeked revenge, she faced a lot of difficulties which she did not deserve and which was for no fault of hers. But she got her revenge fulfilled. So, the angle of love is baseless once again for her case.

Karna and Draupadi’s angle has been the centre of discussion for scholars for years and years. So, I will not discuss on that. But the topic I wanted to through light on is what I talked about above. Thus, Draupadi does not belong to the category of a romantic heroine. No drama or any type of emotional feeling is attached to her. I am not saying she is emotionless. But the type of discussion and controversy regarding Arjuna’s case was intolerable which made me write this. Why can’t the society accept a husband and wife as a simple couple. The importance of the two characters, Arjuna and Draupadi and also the depth of the other perspectives about their wedding is being looked away to.

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